Tonebenders / Episode Nineteen


In this Episode, Rene and Timothy tackle a bunch of recent listener questions about sound design. Next up, Rene interviews Willem Sannen, a field recordist in Belgium. They talk about his home-made binaural dummy head microphone setup as well as other adventures recording out in the world.

Show Links

Live Sound Design Episode referenced in listener Question.

GearSluts forum question referenced in Listener Soundminer question

Paul Virostek’s eBook on Field recording and Metadata

Forum post referenced about audio job interview etiquette

Social Sound Design question that inspired our mic eq segment

Slate Digital Mic emulation system

Free Chains SFX Library from Kyle Evans

Kyle Evans’ Sound Design Website

Free Kickstarter Firearms SFX Library

Paul Virostek’s blog post on metadata fixes for the free firearms SFX Library

Guest Willem Sannen’s Tumblr

German Webshop selling silcone ears

Blog post (in Dutch) with pictures of how to make your own binaural headset turning cheap earphones into microphone clips on your ears.

Tonebenders / Episode Eighteen


In this Episode, we welcome Vanessa Ament, author of ‘The Foley Grail’, the preeminent book on the art of foley. Vanessa dives deep – giving us a history of the craft, various differences in foley styles and techniques, as well as some stories from her own tremendous career.

Show Links:

Vanessa Ament on IMDB
‘The Foley Grail’ on Facebook
‘The Foley Grail’ at Focal Press

Tonebenders / Episode Seventeen


In Episode 017, Rene and Timothy answer some listener questions and Rene presents some tests he did matching various microphones using Izotope Ozone – the results are surprising. Finally, we talk Plural Eyes for audio pros.

Pictures from the show:

Tonebenders / Episode Sixteen


In episode 16 Timothy talks to Gordon Hempton about recording in pristine wilderness, protecting natural silence and his personal bouts with hearing loss. That interview is followed up with a talk with audiologist Marshall Chasin about the best ways to keep our ears in long term health.

Show Links:

One square inch of silence
Soundtracker documentary about Gordon Hempton
Quiet Planet SFX Libraries
Free PDF of “Hear The Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians” by Marshall Chasin
Musician’s Clinic of Canada

Tonebenders / Episode Fifteen


In this episode, René takes the Tonebenders spaceship for a solo cruise and talks with Jason Cushing from SoundMorph about making sound FX libraries, evaluating the marketplace, doing the art and the new SoundMorph software release: Wave Warper.

Show Links:

Echo Collective

Tonebenders / Episode Fourteen


The guest for this episode is Martin Pinsonnault, the sound designer on the new film, “Dallas Buyer’s Club”. We talk about the film’s unique post production work flow, location recording to capture authentic Texan ambiences, Martin’s career and SFX libraries.

Show Links:
Martin Pinsonnault
Schoeps DMS
A Sound Effect
The Recordist Fire HD
The Recordist Bullets HD
The Recordist Ultimate Foliage HD
Hiss and a Roar Seal Vocals
Tim Muirhead’s Cat Recordings
Chuck Russom’s Dog Library
BOOM Library Wildcats
ProSoundEffects Hybrid Library

Tonebenders / Episode Thirteen


After a summer break, the Tonebenders are back! In episode 13, Rene, Dustin and Timothy answer listener’s questions – including how to best manage the demands of the business while keeping our personal lives afloat. Then, Rene shows us his process for building a huge powerdown sound effect, layer by layer.

Tonebenders / Episode Twelve


In Episode 12, we do our first deep dive into the sound design of a specific film, Martha Marcy May Marlene. To help us go through the film, we welcome the sound designer and re-recording mixer, Coll Anderson. We learn about his personal journey that has lead to his career in audio as well as a bunch of the techniques and strategies used throughout the film.

Show Links:

Coll Anderson’s web site
Coll’s RiverRun Demo from Designing Sound
Catfish IMDB
Simon Killer IMDB
Coll’s Blog on Martha
Desert Cathedral IMDB
Pandora’s Promise IMDB

Tonebenders / Episode Eleven


Episode 11 starts with the hosts answering a backlog of listener questions, including inquiries on recording fire, large file transfers and more. Then we try something new as Rene builds a huge laser cannon blast on the fly while the creative process behind a sound effects is explored. Plus, we announce the first Tonebenders homework assignment…

rene - sound design work session

rene - sound design work session 2

Show links:

Frank Bry – fire
Usenbenz Emesser test
Rumpus ftp software
Signiant media shuttle
SATA to USB Dock
Netflix – Martha Marcy May Marlene
Netflix – Chasing Ice
Native Instruments – Massive
Sample Logic
U-He Zebra

Tonebenders / Episode Ten


In our tenth (!) episode, Dustin and Rene handle listener comments and discuss backup procedures, protocols and technology before hopping on their soapboxes and diving deep into the nebulous world of working with clients.

Gearslutz – Expectations versus Reality
Good Advice