Episode Two

Tonebenders / Episode Two


In Episode 2, titled Getting Out & Recording, the podcast rolls out its first 2 pre-produced feature stories. Up first is “Building Your Own Field Recording Kit”, where co-host Rene Coronado looks at what makes a good kit and what gear is best to splurge on and where it can be smart to be frugal. The next feature, by Timothy Muirhead, covers techniques used in recording animals in the wild, as well as domesticated pets. Both feature stories are followed with Q&A sessions that go into further depth on these topics.

Finally, we wrap the show up with highlights of recent news stories that affect the worlds of sound design and audio post production. Topics include the shutdown of operations at Sound One in New York, the new release of Sound Forge for Macintosh, and a few others as well.

Links from the show:

Sony Field Recorders
Line Audio
Line Audio CM3 Thread via Gearslutz
Sony Soundforge
Digital Domain Bankruptcy
Audiofile Engineering WaveEditor/Triumph
Sound One Closure


After the first episode I was enthusiastically waiting for the next episode and here it comes. But rather lower my suspense it enhance it many times more. Such a killer episode. I’m loving it.


Terrific show, I am one of these guys just starting out with a Zoom H4n and I totally agree with the "buy the cheap entry level stuff and then get the best when your good enough with no in between". I'm looking to buy a shotgun microphone and was thinking about getting the Rode NTG-2, is it beneficial to get a preamp as well? stuff like the MixPre-D is well out of my budget and I don't really know of any 'cheap' ones, but I certainly don't want something bad which would be useless when I finally upgrade everything. Or shall I just keep saving for a blimp/new microphone before heading into preamp territory?Thanks in advance, only two episodes and already you guys rock.


Another great episode! I've got a question for a future episode. Once you've recorded your sounds, what's a typical process of incorporating it into your own library? Editing process, naming conventions, metadata and stuff like that.

Thanks you guys!